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LOTUS was commissioned by Ford to build a Cortina for motorsport. The result was one of the most successful motorsport vehicles of the 1960s, which fought legendary racing battles in particular with the GTA vehicles from Alfa Romeo. John Withmore and Jim Clark were the most famous drivers. LOTUS achieved the goal in a classic way with more power and less weight. More power thanks to a new cylinder head with two overhead camshafts, a specially developed chassis with a special rear axle guide. Weight savings included an aluminium differential case and hoods and doors, also made of aluminium. This specific vehicle was used in England until the early 1970s and then drove in historic motorsport in Germany. The ONS papers (supreme national sports authority) are available. The last race was contested in 1982 at the Nürburgring. We got the vehicle out of its "sleeping beauty" and made it technically ready for use again. We have deliberately preserved the authentic look with pride in the racing history. The overhaul of the technology includes u. a new and completely overhauled engine, the performance diagram now shows 118 KW/163 HP. The new, adjustable coil over kit comes from Reigers NL. The brakes have been completely renewed. A new safety tank, the dry sump lubrication, the semi-slicks and the rain tires, as well as the bucket seat (wing chair) etc. are available THIS CAR IS LOCATED IN GERMANY and sold on behalf of the German owner. Initial communication organised by us with direct contact to the owner once serious interest is confirmed. We can assist with the transport. The small print in large – always happy to answer any questions you may have. All offers are, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, non-binding and subject to confirmation and to prior sale. All information given is based on the best knowledge and the seller’s information. The advertised £-price depends on the daily €-rate and therefore can vary, contract directly between buyer & the seller in € at his conditions. 

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The 1964 Lotus Cortina is a compact sports sedan that embodies the perfect combination of style, performance, and innovation. This iconic car features a sleek and aerodynamic design, highlighted by its signature Lotus badge and racing stripes. The interior of the Cortina is minimalistic yet offers all the necessary amenities, including comfortable bucket seats, a four-speed manual transmission, and a sporty steering wheel. The real magic of the Cortina is under the hood, where you will find a high-performance 1.6-liter engine that delivers an impressive 105 horsepower. The suspension is also top-notch, with a stiff and responsive setup that allows for precise handling and control at high speeds. The Cortina's impressive performance on the road and successful racing career have made it a legend among car enthusiasts and collectors around the world.



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