1993 Range Rover RANGE exParis Dakar

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ModelRANGE exParis Dakar
PaintRepainted with original color
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History and strong points

History 1991 Rally dei Faraoni 1993 Paris – Dakar 1995 Paris- Dakar (Voiture de presse) In 1991 the Paris-Moscow-Beijing raid was scheduled, but it gets cancelled one month before the departure in August following the coup d'état in the Soviet Union. De Paoli then decided to use the car for other competitions and takes part in the Rally of the Pharaohs in the T2 category (production car with improvements), winning the Category and finishing 12th overall. Upon return, the car was completely revised and significant improvements were made to be able to take place in the Paris-Dakar. To improve the weight, the inside of the doors was emptied, a Kevlar bonnet was fixed together with an aluminium tailgate, all side windows were removed. The winch, the compressor and its tank and other non useful parts were eliminated to gain weight. An unexpected event prevented De Paoli from participating in the 1992 Paris-Dakar. In 1993 however Franco was able finally to take place to the event. In 1995, the Motoring magazine sponsored the car to participate in the race as Voiture de Presse. Upon returning, De Paoli decided to bring the car back to a “street" state keeping the car in his collection since. In 2021, an enthusiast bought it and gave De Paoli the task of bringing it back to its initial racing configuration by carrying out a meticulous restoration in Franco's workshop in Casteggio.


1993 Range Rover – F. De Paoli Ex Paris Dakar Technical features: Engine: Petrol, front 8 cylinder V of 3528cc. Stroke bore: 88.9x71.1 mm. Compression: 9.35: 1. Max power 168CV at 4750 rpm. Maximum torque 26.3kgm at 2500 rpm Power supply: Valve rods operated by hydraulic tappets. 2 Zenith-Stromberg CD 2 S OHV carburettors. Distribution: 2 valves per 65 degree V cylinder. Water cooling. Transmission: Permanent all-wheel drive, torque sharing with Ferguson type viscous centre differential; self-locking front differential. Rover five-speed LT77 gearbox accompanied by separate LT23 transfer case, dry single plate clutch. Adwest Varamatic power- assisted rack-and-pinion steering Suspension: Front and rear double suspensions with long travel coil springs. Front axle position via spoke arms with Panhard bar, rear axle connected via a central frame. Brakes: Double-hose hydraulic circuit on 4 wheels with 4-disc servo-assisted system, front (298mm) and rear (290mm) with callipers. Direct hand brake on transmission. Wheels: 6.00Kx16 steel rims. XM + S 205 R16 tires Dimensions: Length: 4400mm. Width: 1780mm. Height: 1800mm. Track: 1780mm. Wheelbase 2540mm. 400 litre petrol tank. Maximum Speed ​​170 Km / h. Autonomy, 1200km Palmares: 1991 Rally dei Faraoni 1993 Paris – Dakar 1995 Paris- Dakar (Voiture de presse

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