2008 Ferrari 612 Sessanta - 1 of 60

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Model612 Sessanta - 1 of 60
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Finished in a beautiful dual Rubino Micalizzato (ruby red mica)/Nero Daytona (metallic black) with Rubino Micalizzato side line. The entire interior is wrapped in cream leather with very precise red stitching to set it off, including the dashboard. On the passenger’s side of the dashboard, you have a chrome “612 Sessanta” emblem commemorating this 60th anniversary machine. The steering wheel is also simply done, featuring leather wrapping and a silver outline around the centre of the horn. An “Engine Start” button graces the lower left corner of the steering wheel and silver shifter paddles are on the rear of the wheel, allowing for precise shifting. All four seats don the same cream leather as the rest of the interior. In the centre of the seats is the same tufted-diamond pattern you saw on the inside of the trunk lid. The headrests on the front and rear seats sport a raised Ferrari’s prancing horse emblem, adding to the character of this interior. The door panels also boast the tufted-diamond pattern and feature light splashes of silver on the door pull handle and the armrest. The tufted-diamond pattern continues from the front door panels back onto the rear quarter panel trim, rounding out the entire diamond pattern. The side profile of the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Sessanta is just as beautiful as you would expect from any Ferrari. The roof also includes an electrochromatic glass roof, a feature only found on the Sessanta edition, which changes tint colour with just a touch of a button. The front and rear fender wells are flare outward slightly to allow for the large Sessanta-specific 19-inch aluminum 14-spoke wheels on each corner. At each corner sits a Pirelli P-Zero R20’s high-performance tyres to keep this machine glued to the road. On the backend, you get the obligatory Ferrari four circular lights that have remained the company’s trademark seemingly forever. Though the rear end really resembles a fastback or liftback design, the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Sessanta actually has a trunk, as opposed to a liftback system. When you open the trunk, you will notice the inside of the lid is trimmed in diamond-tufted leather and the floor is also done up in beautiful leather. The trunk was engineered specifically to hold Ferrari’s five-piece luggage set, but you can also fit two golf bags in it. To make ready for sale the Owner has installed new tyres ( Pirelli P-Zero’s ) and new tyre pressure monitoring system with balance and alignment. Timing belts replacement. New oil and oil filter, spark plugs, boot struts, battery, rubber bushes and steering fluid / steering fluid reservoir. This vehicle is fully and extensively serviced by Ferrari. The Service books and invoices are available. As only 60 of these cars were ever built they are rather special. Add in the fact that this was a whopping $424,480 in 2007 and you can tell that these cars were built for the true collector. Each of the 60 Sessanta’s made are individually dedicated with this 612 Sessanta is dedicated to Michael Schumacher and Ferrari’s 2000 F1 Championship (2000 Schumacher Ferrari F1 Champions). Considering there have been only two Owners and the extremely low mileage (7800km / 4850 miles) make it quite rare

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The 2008 Ferrari 612 Sessanta is a special edition vehicle, with only 60 models ever produced. This high-performance car boasts a V12 engine, producing an impressive 540 horsepower. With a top speed of 199 mph, the Ferrari 612 Sessanta offers both speed and luxury. The exterior features a sleek and stylish design, with unique paint options, and the interior is plush and comfortable, complete with leather seats and high-end technology. The limited production of this car makes it a rare and sought-after vehicle for collectors and enthusiasts alike.



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