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The Mitsuoka Orochi: “The World’s Ugliest Car” The Mitsouka Orochi is one of the most extraordinary cars in the world. It was the dream project of self-admitted car nut and company chairman, Susumu Mitsuoka, the Japanese equivalent of Charles Morgan. Like Morgan, he employs the best craftsmen to hand-make unique, interesting and esoteric cars. An Orochi is a Japanese mythical dragon - and the jaw-dropping design of the car reflects this: Super-low, super-wide and super-bold. A poisonous, barbed, hideous fish – Or a snake that got too close to Fukushima, mutated and grew an extra set of gills, eyes and lips. This unique fibreglass body is mounted on Mitsuoka’s own spaceframe chassis. It is powered by a mid-mounted, smooth, relatively powerful, supercharged 3. 3 litre Toyota V6 mated to five-speed automatic gearbox. It’s more a cruiser than a supercar but the original Japanese fringe customers didn’t buy it for the performance. They bought it because it wasn’t dull and anonymous. Purchased in Japan by the sole owner in 2010, this car was shipped to Singapore and stored in his underground garage. The owner added it to his collection but never used it. Imported by us in 2019 with 37km on the odometer, professionally stored, now fully serviced, tax-paid and UK registered, it has covered a grand total of 75km. It’s not a “barn find”: The car is still new. But it is an “underground garage under an apartment block in Singapore find”. So, as expected, whilst the car starts, runs and drives like a new car, a little work is required to fully re-commission. Some of the fibreglass paint work is showing signs of micro-blisters. There is a mark on the rear bumper from either being backed into or transit damage. The tyres are 13 years old. We would be happy to work with the buyer to fully re-commission and make ready for use. Price is fully serviced & fully recommissioned 

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La Mitsuoka Orochi de 2009 est une voiture sportive japonaise unique en son genre qui se distingue par son design extravagant et agressif. Elle est équipée d'un moteur V6 de 3,3 litres développant 230 chevaux et est dotée d'une transmission automatique à cinq vitesses. La carrosserie de la Orochi présente des lignes musclées et élancées, ainsi que des phares effilés qui ressemblent à des yeux expressifs. À l'intérieur, la voiture propose un habitacle spacieux et luxueux avec des finitions en cuir et en bois. C'est un véhicule rare et remarquable que tout passionné de voitures devrait avoir l'opportunité de conduire au moins une fois dans sa vie.



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