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€43 900
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€47 700
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ModelR8 gordini
Mileage530 km
PaintRepainted with original color


Voiture état concours réstaurer il y à 3 ans de A à Z par professionel du vehicule de collection Moteur encore en rodage 500klm éffectué environ Moteur 1296 Aac ferry Boite 353 refaite à neuve Train roulant neuf peinture epoxy Tous élement consomable neuf (silent bloc rotules pneu,huile motul 300v etc ..) Voiture optimisé au maximum Allumeur 123 ignition programable Radiateur eau et chauffage aluminium Durites silicone Flexibles aviation et liquide silicone Pneu michelin xzx Ammortisseur koni réglable Direction direct environ 15000€ de facture de pièce Peinture exterieur neuve avec blandes blanche en peinture Vernis céramique Interieur baquet mod plastia réglable Arceau 3 point coupe Carte grise collection Une expertise à été réalisé Négociable si achat rapide

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The 1967 Renault R8 Gordini is a classic French sports car known for its exceptional performance and striking design. The R8 Gordini was a high-performance variant of the popular Renault 8 model and was introduced as a tribute to the legendary French racing driver Amédée Gordini. With its unique combination of sportiness and elegance, the R8 Gordini featured a sleek and aerodynamic body, characterized by its distinctive blue paint and white racing stripes. The car's compact size and lightweight construction allowed for nimble handling and enhanced agility on the road. Under the hood, the R8 Gordini was powered by a potent 1.1-liter inline-four engine, modified by Gordini himself, which delivered an impressive 100 horsepower. This was a significant upgrade from the standard R8 model and allowed the car to reach a top speed of around 160 km/h (100 mph). The engine was mated to a close-ratio five-speed manual transmission, providing smooth and precise gear shifts. The interior of the R8 Gordini was designed with the driver in mind, featuring supportive bucket seats and a contoured dashboard with easy-to-read gauges and controls. Although compact, the car offered a surprising amount of comfort and practicality, making it suitable for both track enthusiasts and daily drivers. Throughout its production from the mid-1960s until 1970, the Renault R8 Gordini showcased its performance capabilities on various racing circuits, earning a reputation for its competitiveness and reliability. Today, it remains highly sought after by car collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate its unique blend of style, power, and French engineering.



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