1982 Range Rover RANGE Ex Paris Dakar

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ModelRANGE Ex Paris Dakar
Mileage100 km

History and strong points

History Immediately after the purchase, the owner organises his first exploratory journey along the Dakar 1981 route. In 1982, after meticulous preparation, it officially participates in the Paris-Dakar as an assistance vehicle for two private motorcycles. The preparation proves to be optimal and the crew travels calmly up to 400km from the finish when a broken connecting rod forces the team to retire. The car reaches Dakar by train and is repatriated. After two years of inactivity, it was sold to a private driver who used it for a couple of seasons and in 1986 returned it to the original owner in exchange for a racing Mitsubishi Pajero. The car is tried and tested and a long process of rebuilding the bodywork and mechanics begins. The project is completed several years later with an updated fiberglass hoods, rebuilt mechanics with a 300hp engine and alloy wheels. At the end of the restoration, the owner decides to keep it in his private collection where it will remain until 2021 when it is sold to the current owner.


DAKAR DAY on woowtors Range Rover ex Dakar original 1982 Range Rover – V. Mariano Paris Dakar 1982; Engine: Petrol front with 8 cylinders in V of 4200 cc. Bore x stroke 97 x 71.12 mm, with an output of 300 HP at 5500 rpm and a maximum torque of 571 Nm at 3250 rpm Distribution with Kent High Revolution hydraulic tappets and adjustable rods, Kent Competition H 224 camshaft, Stage III modified heads with 2 oversized valves per cylinder and with double springs. Fuel system: through 4 vertical 45 mm Dell Orto DRLA double-barrel carburettors mounted on a special cast aluminium manifold. Two fuel tanks, the original one and a safety tank inside the car for a total of 300 litres. Transmission: Rover LT77 5-speed gearbox with Rover L230T reducer / transfer case with manually lockable centre differential. Sintered dry single plate clutch and HD pressure plate. Suspension: front and rear with double Bilstein shock absorbers and long travel progressive springs. Reinforced front and rear axle boxes equipped with stroke limiters. Front bridge with Panhard bar, rear bridge with Watt parallelogram. Brakes: Lockheed Performance with perforated front and rear discs and EBC friction material and HD hoses. Brake on the disc transmission. Wheels and Tires: Canonica Safari 7 "x 15" alloy wheels with Goodyear Wrangler 265/70 SR 15 tires. Dimensions: Length: 4400mm. Width: 1780mm. Height: 1800mm. Track: 1780mm. Wheelbase 2540mm MaximumSpeed​​170Km/h,Autonomy,1200km Palmares: 1982 Paris – Dakar

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The 1982 Range Rover RANGE Ex Paris Dakar is a limited edition variant of the iconic off-road vehicle. It was built to commemorate the iconic Paris-Dakar rally, a grueling off-road race across the Sahara desert. This Range Rover was specially equipped with rally-inspired features including high-performance suspension, underbody skid plates, upgraded axles, and larger tires, making it capable of handling even the toughest terrain. The exterior features a unique livery that sets it apart from standard Range Rover models. The interior is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room for passengers and ample storage space. This Range Rover represents a rare and unique opportunity to own a piece of off-road racing history.



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