1986 Audi Quattro proto Dakar

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ModelQuattro proto Dakar
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History and strong points

History Palmares: 1986 1987 Rally de l’Atlas Paris – Dakar Rally de l’Atlas Paris - Dakar The first prototype is developed in 1985 using a Range Rover-derived chassis with reduced rear overhang and reinforcements in the suspension attachment points; struts and a Panhard bar on the rear deck are added to the rigid axles. The fiberglass and Kevlar body is bolted to the frame with rubber pads to absorb shocks; the front and rear bonnets are fully removable. The engine is the classic Rover 8V 3500cc boosted to 230CV at 5400 rpm. The weight distribution is 50% on the two axes. The power supply, exhaust and transmission have been modified. The cooling system has been upgraded with a new heat exchanger. The suspensions are self-levelling pneumatic with four air springs, replacing the coil springs, connected to a power supply circuit controlled by the navigator. The car took part in the Paris-Dakar and the Rallye de l 'Atlas in 1986; on the way back, some changes were made by adding the fiberglass doors, a new dashboard and a new front hood. Franco De Paoli takes part in the Rallye de l'Atlas and the Paris-Dakar in 1987 with this new updated version. In total 5 prototypes with different characteristics are produced.


woow present Audi Quattro Proto – F. De Paoli EX Paris Dakar totally original rare. Technical features: Engine: Petrol, front 8 cylinder V of 3528cc. Stroke bore: 88.9x71.1 mm. Compression: 9.35: 1. Max power 230CV at 5400 rpm. Maximum torque 84kgm at 2500 rpm Power supply: Valve rods operated by hydraulic tappets. Electronic injection Bosch brand Distribution: 2 valves per 65-degree V cylinder. Water cooling. 400 litre petrol tank. Transmission: Permanent all-wheel drive, torque sharing with Ferguson type viscous centre differential; self-locking front differential. 5-speed Rover gearbox, dry single-plate clutch. Power-assisted rack and pinion steering. Suspension: Axle position by means of spoke arms with Panhard bar (rear). Control via double long stroke hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. Both front and rear suspensions incorporate a pneumatic unit with different ground clearance options in place of coil springs (De Paoli project). Brakes: Rover front discs (30.0mm) with callipers; rear discs (28.9mm) Rover with callipers and brake booster. Double front circuit. Direct hand brake on transmission. Wheels: BWA 7K x 15H x 8.5 alloy wheels. BF Goodrich tires. T / A K02, 235 / 70-15 Dimensions: Length: 4500mm. Width: 1780mm. Height: 1680mm. Track: 1780mm. Wheelbase 2550mm Maximum Speed ​​200 Km / h. Autonomy, 1000km Palmares: 1986 1987 Rally de l’Atlas Paris – Dakar Rally de l’Atlas Paris - Dakar



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